Creating the coincidence

It is a strange thing called coincidence; Some say there’s not such thing and some swear it’s the only truth, yet it is so strange.
There were a young man and a young woman on the library, searching the shelves for some interesting book. Tina named them Adam and Eve, in her mind of course, and so are we, as they were the first customers that morning.
The story goes like this: Adam was searching for some book to read on the train on his way home, Eva looking for a book to keep her home on the weekend. They went to the fiction section and their hands touched reaching for the same book. Adam took it and handed it to Eve, telling her it is a great book. Eva asked if he has read it (obviosly he did, but she wanted to start a conversation). Adam told her he loved every word of it, Eve asked him what was the plot but he refused to answer, not to ruin it for her. She smiled and invited him for breakfast, to talk about the other books he knew.
Ten minutes later the library was again empty, but this is where our story begins.
Tina sat on her chair, reached for a pen and started to write the next story, the story of Tristan and Isolde, as she named the next two strangers that would enter the library. They’ll meet on the first corner of the shelve of non-fiction books, Tristan would help Isolde picking up some books she’d accidently’d drop and eventually he’d manage to get her number. Classic.

After Tristan and Isolde left, Tina sat once again in her chair, writting down the next coincidence.

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